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Simple Creative Life helps female artists to move and live with ease and strength so that they can inspire and give more freely

I help artists to survive in the mundane world who struggle with:

  • Frustration with boundaries and limitations
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Creative blocks
  • Substance abuse
  • Out of alignment in the physical body
  • Nutritional excess or deficiency

I provide an insightful holistic strategy to bring your body into balance and flow through movement, nutrition & life strategies.

Holistic Lifestyle Consulting empowers female artists by:

  • Providing intelligent feedback and clarity from both a scientific and psychic/spiritual perspective
  • Supporting and validating your ideas, creativity and powerful intuition
  • Re-aligning your practices with Mother Nature’s principles
  • Supporting the unique mental and emotional needs of the brilliant artist

I am professionally educated and experienced in functional nutrition, biomechanics, and psychology. My expertise includes:

  • Functional diagnostic nutrition
  • Raw food and healing nutrition
  • Stress and the body’s essential systems
  • Biomechanical alignment and corrective exercise
  • Ayurveda and yoga
  • Meditation, prana/qi, and spiritual practice
  • Angels, intuition, and the spiritual vibrations
  • Psychology, performance and flow states
  • Creativity and the arts


Recommend Dana. She has the most diverse amount of services offered (unparalled) while leveraging her abilities for the Highest Good. Worked with her for nearly a year & have experienced unbelievable growth & results. – J. Hicks


Nourishing Your Spiritual Life

When it comes to eating, everything on this earth is of divine purpose.  In the cycle of life, all food sources are chosen based on purposeful nourishment. Animals use physical and intuitive senses to choose available foods within a season that allow them to thrive to...

The Wisdom of Birth

There is a magic moment when the ritual of love’s powerful union produces life. A woman is born into this life a pure feminine being. Carefully swaddled in divine transparency, her softness is caressed, her beauty received with grace, and her laughter heard by angels....

Vibration in a Bottle

Perfect vibration is like a melody, embracing you in resonant harmony. It feeds your soul, swirling about the tangled parts of you, weaving a tapestry of energy that awakens and expands who you are. What vibration truly is is a new quantum understanding of...

The Truth of Science

Science is not “true.” Science is ambitious: it is a quest, a sense of wonder, an idea. Science sets up a framework for answering diverse and complex questions about the nature of existence. What most people do not understand is that science is not designed to “prove”...

5 Reasons to Strength Train

Strength Training is All About Finding Your Core 1.  There are many reasons why one should adopt a strength training program, and the most obvious one is to become stronger. But from a holistic standpoint, incorporating strength into your physical body channels into...

Why You’re Fat

FAT - and all that.   First of all, let’s define what fat is and isn’t.   Being FAT is like saying you experience frequent headaches. You suffer from lower back or knee pain. You feel bloated a lot. You constantly put yourself down (enough that you’re not...

Core Strength For Surfing Through Life

  C.O.R.E. = Creative. Optimum. Radiant. Energy. That is my core. That is your core. The core that feeds the limbs, accepts creative energy, and births ideas and action. The core that is the strength of the woman's body and soul. The core that provides stability,...

What Is An Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant?

An Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant is someone who brings harmony to the mind, body and spirit through her strategic leadership, wisdom, guidance and knowledge.   An Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant helps the client learn how to flow through everyday life in a manner...

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