Simple Creative Life is

Somatic Human Performance Coaching for Artists


Who are you?

An intense, soul-driven artist who feels a deep obligation to contribute great work.

Your challenge?

As an artist, you feel anxiety about not being able to reach enough people/make a big enough impact in service to humanity.

Your obstacle?

Personal energy management combined with mastery of mental perception is today’s next-level strategy – replacing the old thinking of mere mental stragegy as the path to high impact personal performance.

Your perception IS reality.

Reason to work with Dana:

You need a personal performance coach who excels as –

A master of empowerment.

A master of working with energy.

A heart-centered, compassionate counselor,

with deep insight into human potential and mental/emotional blocks.

A majority of my clients are working artists who continuously push themselves to achieve levels of creativity that outshine their past work. They are innovators, rebels, outcasts, anxious and afraid, depressed and dark, brilliant, focused, riding highs and lows, relaxing in between, and in almost constant need of validation for their existence in this world.

Dana is such a sweet and funny person, which is why we’ve been friends for over 25 years. I’ve always trusted that whatever she is doing in life is honest, smart and real. She is also one of my favorite musicians and people.

Chris Cornell

I worked with Dana when I was going through a really tough time in my life. Making career decisions, navigating the industry, keeping the family intact, and working through some troubling circumstances brought me to a point where millions of album sales and Grammy’s were a stain. I stayed committed to my path because of the deep conversations we had in confidence. She was never anything but honest with me, gentle and so loving.



Dana is a profound teacher who elevates the mind, body and spirit to bring harmony to the individual. She brings a quality of transparency and truth to every deep experience. She brings clarity and focus to the most complex situations and provides hope and deep understanding. I am deeply indebted to Dana for our work together and am recommending her highly.

Zach Wilson

High performance creativity requires:







a beginner’s mind

a willingness to fail

and enthusiasm for the entire process (fucking up is part of the thrill)


With high performance work – 

There are no boundaries

You are at the cutting edge

Your work is solitary

Your belief in yourself is your muse


High performance work requires:

  • A meditative mind
  • Self-awareness
  • Spiritual/nature connection
  • Inner peace
  • Wild intensities
  • A willingness to go to your emotional edge
  • Strong physical health and energy
  • Optimal physical alignment
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Energy from a right mental perspective
  • Energy from an understanding of flow
  • Living within cycles
  • Working within an understanding of elements, qi/prana, yin/yang philosophy


The artist must own his/her choices – by identifying choices as spoken by your soul vs. your ego.

You must immerse in creativity in the NOW.

Remove work from the linear timeline.

Live your life in cycles.

Your uniqueness IS sustainable and critical today.

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