Simple Creative Life is a choice to

find freedom and fun in your body


SCL specializes in playful movement, body alignment, and simple nutrition strategies that work for everyone.

Putting mindfulness and practical strategy into a lifestyle that is simple as it is successful.

You can feel alive in your body through these simple practices

  • Mindfulness based eating habits
  • Corrective exercises that bring the body back to its original state of ease
  • Hormone balancing
  • Empowering body weight and core strength exercises
  • Sustainable weight loss coaching
  • Fun and successful lifestyle habits

Professional education & experience:


  • Functional diagnostic nutrition
  • Raw food and healing nutrition
  • Psychology, performance & flow states
  • Stress and the body’s essential systems
  • Biomechanical alignment and corrective exercise
  • Ayurveda and yoga
  • Meditation, prana/qi, and spiritual practice
  • 20 years in top-level personnel and change management
CHEK HLC Level 1

Online Corrective Exercise

Movement and alignment expertise to allow you to move fluidly through life.


Life’s habits and stresses can take a toll on the body, especially as you age. Bring balance and dynamic movement through essential exercises that restore the body’s natural alignment.

PN Online Nutrition Coaching

Online nutrition coaching from beginner to athlete. 


Work with a Precision Nutrition certified level 2 coach and master at helping people like you achieve a goal of balanced eating for vitality, longevity, and sustained improved health,

Expert Articles


Nourishing Your Spiritual Life

When it comes to eating, everything on this earth is of divine purpose.  In the cycle of life, all food sources are chosen based on purposeful nourishment. Animals use physical and intuitive senses to choose available foods within a season that allow them to thrive to...

The Truth of Science

Science is not “true.” Science is ambitious: it is a quest, a sense of wonder, an idea. Science sets up a framework for answering diverse and complex questions about the nature of existence. What most people do not understand is that science is not designed to “prove”...

5 Reasons to Strength Train

Strength Training is All About Finding Your Core 1.  There are many reasons why one should adopt a strength training program, and the most obvious one is to become stronger. But from a holistic standpoint, incorporating strength into your physical body channels into...

Why You’re Fat

FAT - and all that.   First of all, let’s define what fat is and isn’t.   Being FAT is like saying you experience frequent headaches. You suffer from lower back or knee pain. You feel bloated a lot. You constantly put yourself down (enough that you’re not...

A Vital Lesson in Consciousness

How important is consciousness to living with vitality?   And what exactly do we mean when we say “consciousness”?   Our conscious awareness of our place on this Earth is a vital lesson for us all. Where are you at this very moment? At the surface, you may...

Untapped Vital Energy

You can find vital energy within, even when think you're tapped out.   At the start of the week I embarked upon a 10-day cleansing fast. The most interesting aspect of this experience has been my need to tap into alternate sources of energy while on a 700-800...

5 Steps to a Spring Cleanse

  1) Begin with the end in mind. Focus on the transformation you want to achieve. A Spring cleanse is about renewal of the body, mind and spirit. Meditate on how you want your life to change for the better.   2) Choose life-giving foods. Everything you eat...

16 Keys to Nutritional Vitality

  1) Learn to listen to your body. Any time you listen intuitively to your body it can tell you exactly what you need. Food choices become natural as you discern between biological and emotional needs. This takes practice! But it is well worth the effort, and...