Intuitive Life

When you know yourself and your core values, you have unwavering strength. Accessing intuition allows you to flow through life with ease. When your core values are tied to your intuition, life is graceful. We teach how to align with Mother Nature, to recognize cycles and move with life, and how to design an intuitive lifestyle that readies you to create change, maximize your creativity, live intelligently, thrive, and be a model for others.


Sacred Movement

We teach physical alignment (sacred geometry), functional movement, and dynamic chakra flow. Our bodies have forgotten how to move as Nature intended. We help you bring your body back into alignment with spirit, bringing forth vitality, by teaching primal pattern movements, yoga asanas (poses), and simple corrective exercise for core strength, flexibility, stability and strength. As a women, it is your nature to be supple, strong, wild, and comfortable in your body.

Spiritual Nutrition

We teach you how to listen to your body. We believe that food is nutrition for the spirit. We believe that food is meant to bring vitality and raise spiritual vibration, and that honoring your body’s ability to listen to its intuition taps you into the most powerful doctor on the planet = You.

We believe in live, organic whole foods, superfoods and superherbs, water, living naturally, and sensual pleasure. We help you make healthy and creative choices unique to your body type and lifestyle.


Your creativity can change the planet. With brilliant new ideas to shape the future, your passion for life and intelligent, bold thought can be a catalyst for change. We teach you how to recognize your own brilliance, implement it, and set it free so that the seeds of your ideas can come to fruition.


Vibration in a Bottle

Perfect vibration is like a melody, embracing you in resonant harmony. It feeds your soul, swirling about the tangled parts of you, weaving a tapestry of energy that awakens and expands who you are. What vibration truly is is a new quantum understanding of...

The Truth of Science

Science is not “true.” Science is ambitious: it is a quest, a sense of wonder, an idea. Science sets up a framework for answering diverse and complex questions about the nature of existence. What most people do not understand is that science is not designed to “prove”...

5 Reasons to Strength Train

Strength Training is All About Finding Your Core 1.  There are many reasons why one should adopt a strength training program, and the most obvious one is to become stronger. But from a holistic standpoint, incorporating strength into your physical body channels into...

Why You’re Fat

FAT – and all that.   First of all, let’s define what fat is and isn’t.   Being FAT is like saying you experience frequent headaches. You suffer from lower back or knee pain. You feel bloated a lot. You constantly put yourself down (enough that you’re...

Core Strength For Surfing Through Life

  C.O.R.E. = Creative. Optimum. Radiant. Energy. That is my core. That is your core. The core that feeds the limbs, accepts creative energy, and births ideas and action. The core that is the strength of the woman’s body and soul. The core that provides...

What Is An Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant?

An Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant is someone who brings harmony to the mind, body and spirit through her strategic leadership, wisdom, guidance and knowledge.   An Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant helps the client learn how to flow through everyday life in a manner...

A Vital Lesson in Consciousness

How important is consciousness to living with vitality?   And what exactly do we mean when we say “consciousness”?   Our conscious awareness of our place on this Earth is a vital lesson for us all. Where are you at this very moment? At the surface, you may...

Untapped Vital Energy

You can find vital energy within, even when think you’re tapped out.   At the start of the week I embarked upon a 10-day cleansing fast. The most interesting aspect of this experience has been my need to tap into alternate sources of energy while on a...

Recommend Dana. She has the most diverse amount of services offered (unparalled) while leveraging her abilities for the Highest Good. Worked with her for nearly a year & have experienced unbelievable growth & results. – J. Hicks

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