Strength Training is All About Finding Your Core

1.  There are many reasons why one should adopt a strength training program, and the most obvious one is to become stronger. But from a holistic standpoint, incorporating strength into your physical body channels into strength of mind. Imagine a typical day that requires mental and emotional endurance. At the end of a mentally and emotionally challenging day, if you can’t squat to pick up household items, walk your dog, or lift your feet up off the ground, how powerful do you feel as an individual? Strength training brings a feeling of power to your day by teaching you the value of building strength through effort and patience.

2.  Believe in Yourself

Every day we are challenged out of our comfort zones. There is strength in finding a way to overcome even the tiniest of obstacles along a path. Strength training challenges your awareness in this way. Coupling the body with the mind allows you to both see your physical limitations and be empowered by them, for each moment spent in awareness with your body gives an opportunity for you to believe in the power of your mind to bring about change.

3. Find Your Core Strength

Core strength is just that – the center of your being where your power resides. A tree does not get as much strength from its roots as it does from its core – its ability to bend with shifting winds. The foundation of your practice should always come from your core – your deep core abdominals, your core values, and your core purpose.

4. Align Your Values

It is through alignment of the physical body that we come to know a feeling of being guided by our hearts. To have a strong physical core is to value your soul’s compass. To have fluidity of movement is to flow angelically through challenging circumstances. To build power in that which allows you to lift yourself up and stabilize yourself is to the ability to surf through life with a passionate heart.

5. Adopt a Philosophy of Mind over Matter

The mind is a powerful tool for shaping the body. There is no more powerful act than using the body to uplift the mind. There are about 100 trillion cells in the human body, with each nucleus (core) containing DNA. Imagine that – the core of every life-giving cell is the basis for its activity and growth. Each of us has the power, through our minds, to change our own DNA. They respond to our thoughts just as they respond to our movement and our nutrition. Shaping our bodies to be stronger, more supple, more vibrant, through conscious intention, is a Divine gift.