1) Begin with the end in mind. Focus on the transformation you want to achieve. A Spring cleanse is about renewal of the body, mind and spirit. Meditate on how you want your life to change for the better.


2) Choose life-giving foods. Everything you eat has the potential to enrich your life with vitality. Poor food choices weigh heavy on the body and spirit. Keep this in mind during your Spring cleanse.


3) Eliminate toxins from your life. This is a whole person approach to wellness and vitality. There are toxins in the cleaning products we use, the foods we eat, and in the friendships we keep.


4) Make incremental changes toward a simplified life. Make a list of goals and simple steps you might take toward those goals. What can you eliminate or add to your life that will give you greater ease, balance and vitality?


5) Prioritize authentic living. Doing so requires you to take a hard look at where you feel limited in your life. There is tremendous stability in an authentic expression of your true integrity – this is essential for living a life of simplicity, creativity and vitality.


I will be embarking on my own 10 day Spring Cleanse this coming Easter Monday. Spring is not only a time of renewal; it is a perfect opportunity to reset the body after a long winter.

  • I will be cleansing my body of any toxins and re-setting my digestive system to accept the abundance of forthcoming fresh organic food that Spring has to offer in my local community.
  • I will be cleansing my home and office environment of anything accumulated over the Winter months that no longer serves me.
  • I will be cleansing my mind of old patterns and habits that no longer flow with this new Spring season.
  • I will be cleansing my spirit with a deeper yoga and meditation practice to help provide stability as well as inspiration for new beginnings.


Would you like some resources?


Thieves Household Cleaner is a safe, sustainable and natural household cleaner concentrate with tremendous cleaning and antibacterial power. Called “Thieves” because of the legend about thieves that robbed houses during the Black Plague without catching the disease due to their application of the essential oils in this Young Living product. I use this fragrant product everywhere in the house to keep the entire family clean and safe.



Interested in green smoothies and superfoods but don’t know where to start? Purium Health Products believes in “Making Healthy Cool” with organic, non-gmo whole food products of the highest integrity. Ask me how to get a $50 Gift Card to try their 10-Day Transformation Cleanse.