Infinite Performance Coaching for Artists


Coaching programs with Dana are designed exclusively for the working artist at every level of their career, whether working to establish themselves within their industry or maintain or grow their influence within an established industry.

Program length and cost is discussed during a discovery session by phone, after a written application process.

My performance coaching is about empowerment, not motivation. Therefore, trust must be established between coach and client in order to provide you with a superior level of excellence. I believe in an “all access” pass to my time, which allows you to talk with me by phone or text most any day or time in order to support your immediate needs as an artist. As a bonus, I offer a variety of simple and effective online tools to assist in the physical and mental aspects of the program.

Most of my clients are working artists who continuously push themselves to achieve levels of creativity that outshine their past work. They are innovators, rebels, outcasts, anxious and afraid, depressed and dark, brilliant, focused, riding highs and lows, relaxing in between, and in almost constant need of validation for their existence in this world.

I help intense artists to survive in the mundane world who struggle with:

  • Frustration with boundaries and limitations
  • Anxiety and depression outside of the creative process
  • Creative blocks
  • Substance abuse
  • Out of alignment in the physical body
  • Nutritional excess or deficiency
  • Understanding and accepting your unique creative process
  • Relationships with non-artists
  • Getting deep without losing yourself (and finding methods outside of mind-altering substances)
  • Maintaining personal integrity
  • Rejecting popular values without rejecting yourself
  • Fighting the good fight
  • Igniting the fire in your fans
  • Trust in the people who love you (including yourself)
  • Being a force in the world without hesitation
  • Being a perfectionist the right way
  • Dealing with rejection while trusting your intuition