Poem – Blackened

Your mind is a disaster A closet of living corpses A delectable assortment of profound statements Living and breathing in a stew of contentment Until they have blackened beyond taste 
Ahh how they long to breathe
 The persistent mutilation 
The false idols 

Poem – Truthbombs

Truthbombs Resting on fertile ground Why are we so afraid to shake our own terra firma When all hope resides in crime And precious little allows cracks to form
 Because all we do is mend that which makes itself open
 Raw form
The existence of the...

Depression: A Recipe for Artists

Can you feel that? I can. There is a sense of motion in the space that surrounds you. A timeless notion. A breeze unfelt. Can you see that? Patterns in your mind’s eye. Magical spaces. Flow states. You felt that come and go, didn’t you. The way it pulled you inside...

Poem – Chose Wrong

Push. Pull. Resist. The tug of the soul's persistent quest to belong to the Whole Answers. Self-Denied
 Crushed like distant hearts
 favoring the solace of bitter tonic, 
grey skies,
 and the way the mind spins its own illusions of golden fields 
I knew you were...

July 20, 2017

For Chester -   Dreams we live Channelled systems because of distortion Living in ecstasy Notions of promise Deliberate meanings Fuck you Crawling through a tunnel towards darkness Overtaken by rage Needs bought Chaos resumed Peaceful beginnings Teachings so...

May 18, 2017 – for Chris

Forgetting your hearts Returning to that which unravels Spiraling downward into the abyss We find that which is whole And wrong And damaged And yet free For life breaths into us that which we consume We breathe In Out Choking Wrong Sick Light Dark Pain Lack of...

The Artist in Physical Pain

The creative process for the intense artist doesn’t allow for physical pain, digestion problems, cranky joints, headaches, or any other ailment that impedes the process that you’re invested in. Pain is well known as a part of the artist’s life. Repetitive motions...

Poem – Once Again

True to form She waits to believe True to form He waits to accept The truth lies in the unbound glory of life's failure to hold true That which seeks to hold us down Bound and beautiful Craving and forgetting All life breathing around them Until all is lost and found...

Poem – Slow Leak

Integrity A slow leak A prize fighter without a cause An endless twirling of meanings Without which we would all die
Shamed by our endless pursuit of causes worth fighting for Until rocks crumble and water bursts 
Through the dams of our despair 
And loss is a truth...

Poem – Footsteps in Flight

Precious things Words that consume us Following in footsteps Trailing behind us Until all words become like imprints in sand Focused on sound Details in tragic places Magnified by maudlin hopes Memories of time Lovely notes in rhyme Pictures worth thousands of words...

Nourishing Your Spiritual Life

When it comes to eating, everything on this earth is of divine purpose.  In the cycle of life, all food sources are chosen based on purposeful nourishment. Animals use physical and intuitive senses to choose available foods within a season that allow them to thrive to...

Vibration in a Bottle

Perfect vibration is like a melody, embracing you in resonant harmony. It feeds your soul, swirling about the tangled parts of you, weaving a tapestry of energy that awakens and expands who you are. What vibration truly is is a new quantum understanding of...