C.O.R.E. = Creative. Optimum. Radiant. Energy.

That is my core. That is your core.

The core that feeds the limbs, accepts creative energy, and births ideas and action.

The core that is the strength of the woman’s body and soul.

The core that provides stability, balance and vitality essential for life’s turbulent waves as well as calm waters.


We are creative, sensitive and enthusiastic women, and simplicity is at the core of what we do.

We choose a simple, creative life of balance, integrity, consciousness and vitality.


Creativity is at the core of who we are, and it is our approach to problem-solving.

Creativity comes from the belly, the womb, the core – It is the essence of a woman and her life-giving nature.


Optimum vitality is our goal.

We expect optimum results.

We seek optimum resources and expertise in living with vitality from our cores.

From the inner core of our minds and spirits, to the outer core of our physical bodies, we desire optimum tools for success.


Radiant living is our divine right

We learn how to tap into our core strength, extending our vibrant selves into the world.


Energy of the mind, body and spirit are integrated into our cores.

Our bodies become core tools for teaching the mind and spirit, and vise-versa.

Through energy alignment, we learn how to find stability, balance and vitality from the core of our beings.


Our cores are Divine. Our cores are strong. Our cores are uniting.

Our core strength is that which allows us to THRIVE.