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Meet Yourself.

The power that nutrition has over life is the simple ability to make CHOICES. No one can do that but you. You’re not a child any longer, and nobody is going to make you eat your vegetables. That’s why you won’t find any dogma here. Unique nutritional choices are important because they are the building blocks of good mental more than physical health. Surprised? Don’t be. Each time you make an empowered decision to fuel your body and mind with something that can either reduce your energy or increase your vitality, you choose to live on this earth in each precious moment. You choose the life you want to live in each microsecond. There is nothing more powerful than choice. YOURS. 

This nutrition coaching program features one 50 minute life coaching session per month over a span of 12 months. Partner with an understanding and compassionate coach over the course of your year-long journey toward empowered health. 

Your coach is a trained expert in functional nutrition, performance & psychology, music & arts, change management, movement & biomechanics, and intuition & spirituality. 

Along with your monthly coaching calls, you will be enrolled in a powerful online platform called ProCoach to receive simple daily focus tasks, packed with bite-size information and intuitive challenges to help you know who you are and feel powerful. 

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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Order lab testing to identify the root cause of imbalances that weaken your vital reserve and contribute to the chaos of disease. Receive a customized D.R.E.S.S. for Success program.

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