Holistic Lifestyle Consulting packages are custom designed for each client.


Start with our Health Success Plan:

  1. A comprehensive series of assessments evaluate the state of your functional health and primal movement systems, your prana energy flow, and your core value alignment.
  2. In one 30 and one 60 minute consulting sessions (by phone), Dana
  • reviews your goals
  • provides your results
  • provides you with a Health Success Plan that allows you to get started immediately
  • discusses recommendations for a an investment in a personalized coaching and consulting that will bring you to your long-term goals.


Happy with your results and want a deeper experience?


Continue with a six, nine or twelve month coaching and consulting package.

Get Started With the Health Success Plan

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The body is as divine as it is powerful. Correct biomechanical and functional alignment allows you to move, breathe, think, and create with purpose – pain free, without limitation, and with vitality. Corrective and restorative exercises, nutritious movement habits, yoga, and prana flow movement create an optimum physical state.


Optimal nutrition is as much about homeostasis as it is about vitality, performance and spiritual vibration. Our Nutrition Program is customized to address bio-individuality – from the root of disease to peak states of health that can be achieved with a vast array of superfoods built on a foundation of vital nutrients.

Spiritual Practice

Flow states are achieved when the mind-body connection is at it’s peak and creativity flows like water. The individual’s sense of connection with earth and spirit have been fine-tuned to allow complete attunement to universal energies, allowing for a mastery of personal intuition.


Each client progresses through three levels of C.O.R.E. re-vitalizing modules:

Level 1 – Radiant Core Groundwork (Stability)

Create a fertile ground that is simple, sustainable and life-giving.

Receive a model for living in flow, overcome resistance, establish a natural attention to your intuition, and learn to avoid the undertow and surf the waves of life.

The body teaches the mind through Core Stability exercise – preparation for strength and dynamic movement.


Level 2 – Dynamic Body Alignment (Balance)

Channel creativity into dynamic flow.

Somatic alignment of mind and body and Intuition in Action.

Integrate new patterns with creative energies, remove blockages and balance energies in your subtle (energetic) body, learn to move your prana in new directions.

Prepare to thrive.

The body teaches the mind through Total Body Alignment and Core Strength


Level 3 – Deep Core Prana Ignition (Vitality)

Harness vital divine feminine energies and the power of creativity.

Live simply and without limitations.

Work at the highest level from a strong foundation.

This is a highly intuitive approach to working with natural energies in the subtle body. Receive intuitive leadership from a highly-regarded spiritual teacher and master of patterns and flow.

The body teaches the mind through Power Core exercises to ignite prana.