An Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant is someone who brings harmony to the mind, body and spirit through her strategic leadership, wisdom, guidance and knowledge.


An Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant helps the client learn how to flow through everyday life in a manner unique to his or her circumstances, talents, priorities and overall holistic health.


What is Flow?

Flow is defined as living in a constant state of harmony with the natural energies of both the earth and universal spirit. This is also described as following patterns in nature, cycles in life, and acknowledging the presence of a divine spirit that informs us, teaches us, and guides us in unseen ways in our personal growth. Flow can also be defined as the natural exchange of energy between and amongst all life.


What is Energetic Flow?

We describe energy as that which radiates with life, whether that be stone, the human body, or the galaxy. We all understand that energy flows through every organic thing, and each organic thing has an energetic relationship with every other thing. Energy, as it pertains to flow, is the allowing of natural attraction to occur as physics describes. When our mind wants to wander, it wanders. When our body wants to move, it moves. When our hearts are deeply moved, we desire creative expression. The allowing of this natural wandering, moving and expressing is “flow.” To limit this flow, to be in resistance to natural science, to repress energetic attractions, is to stop Mother Nature in her tracks. This is why we refer to nature’s patterns for living authentically creative, spiritual lives, for nature provides the perfect model for balance.


What is the Role of Creativity?

Creativity is an expression of divine wisdom as it is applied to our everyday thoughts, emotions, circumstances, reactions, fears, anxieties, hopes, decisions and expectations. Creativity is how we transcend limitation and allow ourselves the freedom to explore alternative solutions, outcomes and possibilities. We do so by using creativity to find potential beauty, order, precision, strength, balance and goodness in that which limits our freedom to flow in harmony. Every person not only has creative potential; they are bursting with creativity. For every person is a biological creator of life on a cellular level. Our bodies as well as our souls are designed to create the impossible and magnificent.


How Does Creativity Spring from Simplicity? 

Nature and Spirit’s patterns provide guidance or models of behavior for living in a state of FLOW. Patterns are always precise, rhythmic in nature, and in line with a universal and spiritual model for peace.

When our lives are filled with excess, we fail to see the simple and universal patterns that enable us to thrive; instead, our lives are overshadowed by the paradigms we live by that are established by everyday habits, society and culture.

Living simply is more than reducing excess; it is about changing habits that no longer serve us and designing new paradigms for living.

A simple life, designed creatively with new habits and paradigms for living in flow, helps us see our intuitive potential to create beauty, exist peacefully, and live joyfully.


Why is it Necessary to Design New Paradigms for Living?

Traditional paradigms for living in western culture limit our freedom to evolve spiritually, emotionally and mentally in a way that is healthy. Traditional paradigms for living fail to provide support for natural flow, let alone encourage it. Our physical bodies are rigid rather than supple. Our minds are forced into channels of thought rather than left wild. Our spirits are disconnected from our minds and bodies and devalued.

New paradigms for living allow for flow because they value the integration of mind, body and spirit. The food that we eat no longer serves the emotions but supports the spiritual and physical body with power as well as grace. The enrichment we choose replaces the repressive media that directs our thoughts and snuffs the natural creative idea. Our hours and days and weeks are designed to suit our flourishing desires for a lifestyle that is often in conflict with western culture yet is exactly where we need to be. Our attention to personal integration extends to the earth and our communities. We learn how to flow together.