Life & Creativity Coaching for the Intense Artist


Most of my clients are working artists who continuously push themselves to achieve levels of creativity that outshine their past work. They are innovators, rebels, outcasts, anxious and afraid, depressed and dark, brilliant, focused, riding highs and lows, relaxing in between, and in almost constant need of validation for their existence in this world.

The most important part of the creative process is allowing yourself to experience your intensities without hesitation, never judging yourself, and just allowing it to happen. The work comes before everything else. The world we live in is a tough place to make that happen. These are trying times, and the people around you tend to screw things up for you. Having a life coach during a transitional period can make the difference between success and failure. If you’re going through something, that time period is usually life giving you an amazing opportunity to do your best work.

No matter your circumstances, no matter what type of support system of love that you have surrounding you, during times of profound creativity, the only person that can understand and support you is yourself. It takes a different type of person to understand and empower your unique creative process, because when you’re in pain, suffering during a cycle of delivering your art, the people around you don’t know how to work with your struggle. Great art comes from the depths of your pain, which is coming from the pain that is all around you. You shouldn’t try to heal that pain, or your art will suffer. But you can’t always go it alone.

I am an exceptional psychic coach with a compassionate, raging heart that won’t interfere with your internal process. I am a conduit for the divine beauty that is emerging with you, beneath your pain and suffering, and I help you transmute your goods into that which needs to come out and be delivered to the world.

Because your creativity is spontaneous, our work together must be equal in its flexibility. Rather than offering single sessions or packages of hour-long sessions, I allow you to purchase blocks of time to speak with me by phone that can be used on demand as needed, as schedules allow, with just a text message to my cell, and we can talk for as little as long as you need.

The best time to make a decision about whether this coaching is right for you is the moment that you’re reading this page. Purchase as many hour blocks of time that you think you may want, and we can get started with an introductory call, or wait until you need it.

60 Minutes of Call Time is $333 - Use minutes as needed