When it comes to eating, everything on this earth is of divine purpose. 

In the cycle of life, all food sources are chosen based on purposeful nourishment. Animals use physical and intuitive senses to choose available foods within a season that allow them to thrive to their greatest potential. All foods chosen with intention connect the animal to the vibrant web of its ecosystem.

Human animals are as deeply connected to Mother Earth as our wild brothers and sisters. We have simply forgotten our true nature. But what is that true nature, as we have evolved physically, mentally, and spiritually from our ancestral roots?

As modern humans have forgotten their divinity, they seek to weave healing patterns into their life. Tragically disconnected from our planet’s fragile ecosystem, the life-giving mirror of Spirit’s divine design, people establish practices that they believe will invoke transformation. In practice today is an overwhelming amount of varying nutritional dogmas that prescribe healing from diseases of affluence, dis-ease brought on by lifestyle choices that are largely contrary to the earth’s natural rhythms.

Intuitive eating is purposeful eating to nourish the spiritual life rather than the physical life. To fill the belly is to fill the soul. To bake ancient grain bread and cook simple fresh soup in gratitude for the mere essentials in life is divine. To roast a chicken raised by your local farm and feel its healing nutrients strengthen your constitution to do your the work of your calling is divine. To savor a vibrant raw vegetable salad and feel the clarity of spirit within you is divine. There is an absence of dogma here. To choose foods based on your own personal vibrational calling allows all of Mother Earth’s food choices to nourish you, as spirit intends.

“As above; is below” is inclusive of all Mother Earth’s creations, never separate. All foods resonate with varying vibrational frequencies, but they alone do not nourish your divinity. As such, the consumption of limited food sources should not be one’s only access to spirit. Whether your soul calls you to a Paleo, Traditional Foods, Vegetarian or Vegan diet, remember that “High vibration” is a label of our making rather than a divine concept, and that everything gifted to us by Mother Nature on this divine earth is capable of nourishing your spiritual life.