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Dana is such a sweet and funny person, which is why we’ve been friends for over 25 years. I’ve always trusted that whatever she is doing in life is honest, smart and real. She is also one of my favorite musicians and people.

Chris Cornell

Supporting the Creative Process and Physical Longevity of the Intense Artist

The creative process for the intense artist doesn’t allow for physical pain, digestion problems, cranky joints, headaches, or any other ailment that impedes the process that you’re invested in.

Pain is well known as a part of the artist’s life. Emotions wreak havoc on the body, changing joint configuration, creating tension in muscles, keeping posture from being upright, and generally getting your body down.

When emotions run high, you can do your best work. When you’re intuitive, you’re tapped into something that allows you to create. Fixing your body so that it works right doesn’t have to take away from your natural sensitivities. Your intensity is not a disease to be corrected. You’re one of the normal ones, while everyone else is asleep. But knowing how to keep your physical body in good health by bringing it back into a flexible and versatile balance after every creative session is ESSENTIAL.

Simple Creative Life helps intense artists move and live with ease and strength so that they can inspire and give more freely

Most of my clients are working artists who continuously push themselves to achieve levels of creativity that outshine their past work. They are innovators, rebels, outcasts, anxious and afraid, depressed and dark, brilliant, focused, riding highs and lows, relaxing in between, and in almost constant need of validation for their existence in this world.

Recommend Dana. She has the most diverse amount of services offered (unparalled) while leveraging her abilities for the Highest Good. Worked with her for nearly a year & have experienced unbelievable growth & results.

Jason Hicks

I help artists to survive in the mundane world who struggle with:

  • Frustration with boundaries and limitations
  • Anxiety and depression outside of the creative process
  • Creative blocks
  • Substance abuse
  • Out of alignment in the physical body
  • Nutritional excess or deficiency
  • Understanding and accepting your unique creative process
  • Relationships with non-artists
  • Getting deep without losing yourself (and finding methods outside of mind-altering substances)
  • Maintaining personal integrity
  • Rejecting popular values without rejecting yourself
  • Fighting the good fight
  • Igniting the fire in your fans
  • Trust in the people who love you (including yourself)
  • Being a force in the world without hesitation

I provide an insightful holistic strategy to bring your body and mind into balance and flow through movement, nutrition, life strategies and psychic consulting.

Keeping yourself together as an artist happens when you allow the psychic world to be your guide. We all know that there is a greater force out there guiding creativity. Laughter and love keep us together, pain and suffering teach us lessons, and whatever you call your spirituality keeps you sane. Much has been said about working with psychics to access the unknown world, but Dana is someone I worked with on occasion to filter any of the confusion I had from the messages I was personally receiving. Because of her, I could sleep at night. Go out there and make good choices for the world, not yourself. Always be yourself. Be proud. Dana will treat you like a star human being no matter who you are.

Carrie Fisher


Holistic Lifestyle Consulting empowers artists by:

  • Providing intelligent feedback and clarity from both a scientific and psychic/spiritual perspective
  • Supporting and validating your ideas, creativity and powerful intuition
  • Supporting the unique mental and emotional needs of the brilliant artist
  • Offering a radical perspective of a creative lifestyle that is sustainable, purposeful and a powerful delivery of beauty to the world

I am professionally educated and experienced in functional nutrition, biomechanics, psychology, fine arts and music. My expertise includes:

  • Functional diagnostic nutrition
  • Raw food and healing nutrition
  • Stress and the body’s essential systems
  • Biomechanical alignment and corrective exercise
  • Ayurveda and yoga
  • Meditation, prana/qi, and spiritual practice
  • Angels, intuition, shamanic work and the spiritual vibrations
  • Spiritual teacher and mentor to global spiritual leaders & catalysts for change
  • Psychology, performance and flow states
  • Creativity and the arts
  • 20 years in top-level personnel and change management
  • Music industry professional experience (artist management, tour, venue)
  • Professional musician, singer/songwriter
  • Award-winning artist (painting)


Being a musician, I go through pretty intense creative cycles where I’m either lounging around writing or jumping around on stage. My body didn’t feel very good the next day. I used to take Advil like candy. Dana is an alignment specialist, she worked with my body’s natural tendencies and the way that I used to screw it up as an emotional musician, which is everything. It took about six months to get myself performance ready, and I found myself being able to capture more creativity when writing, my voice projects in ways it never has before, I have more vocal control, and my stage presence is powerful.

Penelope Lee

Untapped Vital Energy

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5 Steps to a Spring Cleanse

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16 Keys to Nutritional Vitality

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A Balanced Kitchen

Sometimes making a decision about what to eat for dinner on a busy or tired evening can be as easy as checking your freezer, provided you have taken the time to prepare a few easy meals.   Meals planned in advance, whether they be for one person or an entire...

Authentic Flow

Flow. What does it mean to flow through life? We can imagine what it must FEEL like. Fluid. Soft. Balanced. Connected. Peaceful. Joyful. Never too much, and never too little.  So how do we reconcile our work lives with our play lives, bringing about that illusive...

Creativity To Shift Hearts

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In Harmony with Local Food

Eating food grown by and purchased from your local farmer is like nothing else. It's even better than growing your own food. Food grown by local farmers is food grown with LOVE that was meant to be shared with YOU. Sitting down to a meal of produce and meats produced...

CHEK HLC Level 1