Online Nutrition Coaching Program


12-Month Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Program 

Powered by Precision Nutrition’s™ ProCoach


What To Expect

An 12-month online coaching program with a focus on:

  • Building nutritional and lifestyle habits one step at a time
  • Effective goal-setting
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-knowledge
  • Whole mind and body transformation
  • Sustainability
  • Expert individualized nutritional guidance free of dogma

Program goals:

  • Feel confident in your body
  • Manage stress with more ease
  • Be empowered by your choices
  • Have energy in body and mind to live with vitality


  • Eat smarter
  • Exercise with intelligence
  • Manage stress
  • Sleep and recover better
  • Take better care of yourself


You will receive:

Daily accountability, lessons, workshops, assessments, and expert coaching, powered by Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach™ system.

The online program is delivered directly to your email each day with a link to access the tools from any device. The program asks you to spend 15 minutes a day in practice.


This video explains it all:

What’s included?

Over the 12 month program you will receive:

  • new habits / practices every 2 weeks
  • daily lessons to support your new lifestyle habits
  • weekly reviews to keep you feeling on target
  • monthly expert workshops
  • regular progress checks, assessments and surveys
  • expert coaching from a PN certified coach to provide feedback, support and empowerment

I was a pretty terrible eater until I got about halfway through this program, when I started taking myself seriously. I like the habit-based approach, because I can easily dedicate myself to that process. The focus on adding the important elements of nutrition into my lifestyle was resonant with me, because I need to make my own choices. Not every person is the same, and Dana coached me throughout the process, always letting me know I was my own person.

Julie F.

I’ve always been lithe, but I had started struggling with weight gain and emotional eating. The daily assignments helped me be more mindful of my eating and lifestyle habits, and I realized that by taking things one step at a time in my intense life, I could actually change the way my body worked! Now my energy levels are through the roof and the weight is melting off. Thanks, Dana!

Trina P.


How much does the program cost?

The price is a one-time investment of $1234 (12 months) or $127 per month.

GUARANTEE: You may cancel this program at any time if it is not meeting your needs.

12 Month Plan $1234

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Monthly Plan $127

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