Online Nutrition Coaching Program


12-Month Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Program 

Powered by Precision Nutrition’s™ ProCoach

Nutrition Coaching

I treat nutrition as an art. There is beauty in the simplicity of it. But rather than designing custom nutrition programs for you, I let you be the creative director of your own nutrition plan, using cool web tools that allow a flexibility of approach.

Nutrition keeps it real. Food goes beyond pleasure to be a life-sustaining substance, capable of supporting you through the creative process and beyond.

What To Expect

An 12-month online coaching program with a focus on:

  • Building nutritional and lifestyle habits one step at a time
  • Effective goal-setting
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-knowledge
  • Whole mind and body transformation
  • Sustainability
  • Expert individualized nutritional guidance free of dogma

Program goals:

  • Feel confident in your body
  • Manage stress with more ease
  • Be empowered by your choices
  • Have energy in body and mind to live with vitality


  • Eat smarter
  • Exercise with intelligence
  • Manage stress
  • Sleep and recover better
  • Take better care of yourself


You will receive:

Daily accountability, lessons, workshops, assessments, and expert coaching, powered by Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach™ system.

The online program is delivered directly to your email each day with a link to access the tools from any device. The program asks you to spend 15 minutes a day in practice.


This video explains it all:

What’s included?

Over the 12 month program you will receive:

  • new habits / practices every 2 weeks
  • daily lessons to support your new lifestyle habits
  • weekly reviews to keep you feeling on target
  • monthly expert workshops
  • regular progress checks, assessments and surveys
  • expert coaching from a PN certified coach to provide feedback, support and empowerment

I was a pretty terrible eater until I got about halfway through this program, when I started taking myself seriously. I like the habit-based approach, because I can easily dedicate myself to that process. The focus on adding the important elements of nutrition into my lifestyle was resonant with me, because I need to make my own choices. Not every person is the same, and Dana coached me throughout the process, always letting me know I was my own person.

Julie F.

Dana is a supercoach, and this program is keeping me on my toes. She is really great at getting inside my head about the shit I do to keep my energies stuck, and I am now understanding that I am in complete control of getting things done at my own pace. I really listen to her. I wouldn’t call this a diet, so don’t do it if you just want to take 20 pounds off fast. But I see myself changing for the better, and that’s a good thing. Solid.

Paul T.


How much does the program cost?

The price is a one-time investment of $1234 (12 months) or $127 per month.

GUARANTEE: You may cancel this program at any time if it is not meeting your needs.

12 Month Plan $1234

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Monthly Plan $127

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