Priority Earth

Mission Statement

Simple Creative Life is a partnership between two dedicated individuals who are passionate about community and global sustainability. Our mission is one that encompasses organic practices, compassionate principles, and a deep commitment to green activism throughout its operations. Our promise to the community is a balance of production with giving through our allocation of profits toward local environmental charities. Our focus is on bringing harmony between individuals, families and communities and the earth and her resources. Through this harmony we find a natural balance and freedom for pursuit of community-sponsored arts and humanities that lead to greater contribution to society as a whole.


Our Policy of Sustainability

Simple Creative Life believes that every effort to protect the environment from excess damage is one worth making. We value and operate under strict practices of organic and sustainable use of resources, including office power sourced from Dominion’s GreenEnergy renewable energy program, carbon-neutral website hosting, local sourcing whenever possible, 100% organic cleaning products, and recycled and re-purposed materials. Our practice of organic use of resources extends to our client base by support of teachings that reinforce protection of the planet.


Our Policy of Activism and Contribution

We support organizations active in protecting the planet and her resources. Our involvement in local and international humanitarian, environmental and arts organizations is at the core of our beliefs. We give 10% of our proceeds to these organizations that are in alignment with our values. Organizations include Sierra Club, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, Surfrider Foundation, International Ocean Institute, and The Wilderness Society.