Psychic Consulting

Psychic work is deep and meaningful only if it is relevant. Connection to the spiritual world at the level at which I use my gifts can be as frightening as it is intensely joyful and rewarding. Therefore, it is not to be taken lightly. My abilities allow me to connect deeply to all otherworldly entities as a telepathic medium, channel, empath and psychic, through crystal clear audible, visual, and sensory input. I have been doing this work since I was a child, seeing death time lines, talking with forest animals, predicting events, and knowing intimate historical facts about people. This work is not rewarding unless one applies spiritual wisdom, the kind of thoughtful application and discernment of Truth that is compassionate, practically empowering, sensitive to all parties, and extremely confidential.

Trust is paramount when working with a client. I may reveal details that you are not ready to hear, stories yet to be lived, old wounds uncovered, and deep insight into the psyche that makes most people uncomfortable. The benefit to receiving this information for the intense artist is deep self-knowledge and awakening that allows you to channel your true self more deeply into the beauty you want to bring to the world. Teaching from my divine heart, I awaken yours, and allow your own grace to come through in the process. At this point, anything you feel and believe from your heart and soul can be used to empower you to share with me that which I can use to deliver incredible insight about your situation, whatever that may be. As an intense artist, there is nothing in your life that has not been touched by God in such a way that you can find true beauty within, if only to be shared with others. To trust in me through this process is actually to trust in your own intuition, and I make sure that is evident throughout the conversation.

I specialize in working with high-level clients in the arts who live with intensities. My past and current list of confidential clients include Grammy award winning musicians, published authors, Oscar and Emmy award winning actors, and artists from an assortment of fields at all levels of success.

What to Expect:

You will receive highly intelligent, creative, thoughtful answers and solutions to your questions. My deep connection with Spirit allows me to be a catalyst for change, helping you come to know the root of the problem, see the patterns in your past and future, see the underlying simplicity amidst the complex, and bring a depth of understanding of self that often takes people months or years to realize – all in a session under an hour. Prepare for a transformative experience.


Customized Intuitive Sessions may include the following, based on your request:

General Readings: 

Most artists deal with more troubling questions about the nature of their existential existence and need assistance discerning true insight and intuition from ego and external pressure. While I cover this in my Life Coaching service, a single phone call can bring in the guidance of celestial beings who can nail down the exact cause of the trepidation about decision making, internal conflict, severe anxiety, and negative self-talk. Any session can be used as a powerful means of bringing positive, empowering, divine energy within yourself so that you yourself can know the direction you need to take.

Whole body/Chakra Readings (with energetic balancing):

A whole body energy reading reading and balancing (including the chakra system), in which I assess the strengths and weaknesses in your energetic body, make recommendations, and balance your entire energetic field through shamanic energy work (similar to results you might get from a Reiki session, but about four times more powerful). Additional techniques used may include cord-cutting, soul re-alignment, and other advanced practices to heal down to the cellular level.

Psychic Medium (Contacting Spirits or Ancestors):

Sometimes people wish to contact deceased ancestors or have questions about the process of dying or the afterlife. Occasionally clients have concerns about ghosts or spirits in a home or even more troubling entities. I can work with all of these entities, and I am available for remote house-clearings.


30 Minute Phone Consultation is $200

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60 Minute Phone Consult is $395

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I worked with Dana when I was going through a really tough time in my life. Making career decisions, navigating the industry, keeping the family intact, and working through some troubling circumstances brought me to a point where millions of album sales and Grammy’s were a stain. I stayed committed to my path because of the deep conversations we had in confidence. She was never anything but honest with me, gentle and so loving.



In my time with Dana, her guidance had helped widened the doorway so that I could experience more angelic encounters & more often. The quality and clarity of angelic interactions outside of meditation really improved. I’d started recieving the same kinds of insight & messages outside of meditation – this has been the greatest reward. She’d helped me get to place where I could now have & maintain constant contact. She is a very gracious teacher.

I had recieved a variety of healings from Dana, in which I felt all the love in universe flowing through my heart. It has expanded my heart Chakra & released blockages that were limiting my experiences. The heart is the place where I validate intuitive moments. I’ve become more open-minded to other beliefs and practices. My roots are in Shamanic practices, where I have interactions with power animals and spirit guides. Dana arrived as a result of wanting to seek more of the upper realms, a place where Shamans meet with ancestors, spirit guides and Angels. In my time with Dana she’d helped expand it & opened me up to these Universal messages. I’ve since begun to dip into Hindi beliefs and began practicing yoga, which has opened another set of doors that open me up to the entire Universe. As a result, I am far more open to all religious & spiritual practices, seeking their Universal teachings & beginning to see their common thread.

As a result of Dana’s teachings: My relationship with my spirit guides, angels & Archangels, has taken off. I have much more frequent and meaningful interactions, beyond meditations, which I apply, in my everyday life…all areas of my life. My practices have expanded into reading Oracle cards, working with crystals, dietary changes and especially new ways to raise vibration. My relationships have grown, realizing I didn’t have to meditate, in order to dial-up the Angelic realm. Found myself beginning to ask for their help more often & finding greater results in my life. I’ve grown in the confidence of the messages I share with others. I have now become more proactive, in asking for help well in advance. The tools that Dana has taught are put into action, so that I can be used as a clear channel so that I may be of service to others. I have grown in the area of manifestating, healing and alchemy, along with conscious dreaming.

Eternally Grateful,

Jason Hicks

Spirit Wolf Shamanic Practitioner, Healer & Spiritual Traveler

Keeping yourself together as an artist happens when you allow the psychic world to be your guide. We all know that there is a greater force out there guiding creativity. Laughter and love keep us together, pain and suffering teach us lessons, and whatever you call your spirituality keeps you sane. Much has been said about working with psychics to access the unknown world, but Dana is someone I worked with on occasion to filter any of the confusion I had from the messages I was personally receiving. Because of her, I could sleep at night. Go out there and make good choices for the world, not yourself. Always be yourself. Be proud. Dana will treat you like a star human being no matter who you are.

Carrie Fisher


Dana has a wonderful connection with Archangel Michael and brings comfort and great understanding to the situations that I have been going through. She has been helping me peel back the onion and coming to understand trust and know my true higher self, using my gifts, and helping me to allow the inspiration that I desire to come through me in ways that I then can be of service to other people that are out there waiting for me to inspire and teach. It has been a wonderful experience and I hope to continue my development with her.

Love and Light,

Stephanie Leivas

I’m sure I haven’t met all those who work with the Angelic Kingdom, but after awhile you get to know the signs. That being said, I can say with almost perfect assurance that the energy radiating from Dana is that of Archangel Michael’s. The fact that she chooses to teach with his guidance is a blessing and a gift.


Intuitive Communicator and Spiritual Minister