Purium Transformation Cleanse

Organic, nonGMO, life-giving products are an essential part of our daily routine of enhancing stability, balance and vitality.


We believe… The human body is a miracle. Being healthy is cool. Being dynamic, vibrant, sexy, fit, energetic and happy is really cool.

We believe… Nature provides our bodies with everything we need. Vegetables and fruits are nature’s fast food. Green is beautiful. So are red, blue and purple. We believe… Paying people instead of advertising agencies is good business. Free time is a right, not a privilege. Anything is possible when we work as a team and celebrate as a community. Your health is really important to us. These are more than just words. You can feel the potency of our formulations. Our products feature energetic super-foods from around the globe. Fresh ingredients like you’d find at a world-class juice bar … organic kamut grass, organic spirulina and organic barley green juice. And the Purium commitment to your health goes “beyond the bottle.” We regularly publish information and record audios about a wide variety of health-related topics. We own a wellness retreat that is available to our Distributors. And we have a Naturopathic Doctor on our staff to answer your health-related questions. His name is Dr. Michael Wohlfeld. Our Distributors can call him for FREE. No other company in the world does this. Maybe they should.


Look, Feel & Perform Like a Much Younger Person



Is the food you eat aligned with your core values?


purium 10 day transformation







A 10 Day Transformation gets you back to nature. 10 days of flushing your body with raw, living, green foods. 10 days of meditation – inside and out. 10 days of transforming your entire body, mind and spirit. 10 days to awesome intuition about your body’s current needs.

The Purium Cleanse fits with our core values of re-wilding and living in harmony with nature and spirit.


 (GIFT CARD CODE: SimpleCreativeLife)

Purium Health Products Transformation Cleanse

(GIFT CARD CODE: SimpleCreativeLife)