There is a magic moment when the ritual of love’s powerful union produces life.

A woman is born into this life a pure feminine being. Carefully swaddled in divine transparency, her softness is caressed, her beauty received with grace, and her laughter heard by angels.

What is a woman who forgets the day she was born?

A woman forgets what a man seeks. These two polar souls are forever entwined in spirit and thought. Split from the beginning, when all was in union. And that is what we all seek, we women. To be sought. To be found. To be entwined.

So who is this woman who forgets herself? She has not been found. And so she opens her womb to embrace that which would define her, wrongly so. The tragedy of allowing material things do the work of the divine.

The Truth is that all beings are born in harmony with Spirit, seeking a divine union. Women, especially, born to mirror the Great Mother, passionately empowering and creating their counterparts, seek a feminine wisdom until their voices are overshadowed by masculine force. The outpouring, directing, commanding masculine force of television, news reporting, marketing,   corporations, culture, and the common man who fails to know himself and his divine purpose.

Who are we as women?

We are of the goddess and Great Mother, Gaia. We are her nature, which is wild, creative and beautiful. Women are beings of lightness, sprung from a masculine idea, which is God. We are needed and essential to all creative life on earth. Women are beings of grace and hope, shining a light for others to follow. And yet woman, under masculine influence, have become fighters. Angrily burning bras and seeking positions of independent power rather than illuminating the world with their deep and loving wisdom. We do not shame women when we express our discomfort for their expressions of force and independence; we shame ourselves when we choose roles that deny our gift of goodness, of empowerment, of softness, and most of all, divine love. Until then, a woman continues to seek her divine counterpart, the empowered man who is able to free her from her independence, which is her dependence on that which cannot satisfy her soul.

The day of a soul’s birth into being is every day of a woman’s existence. Each day is a day of creativity, an opportunity to empower others with a vibration of the highest love, not war. As a woman settles into her gentle essence, she finds ease in all things, rather than the struggle of independence, for all souls are meant to love and lead and nurture one another. That is a woman’s birthright. And it is that wisdom that guides her to be a star in flight toward the heavens.