You can find vital energy within, even when think you’re tapped out.


At the start of the week I embarked upon a 10-day cleansing fast. The most interesting aspect of this experience has been my need to tap into alternate sources of energy while on a 700-800 calorie diet. What I have found has renewed my sense of faith in my own personal power and ability to generate vitality.


  • Superfoods are amazing. Life-giving. Foods like wheatgrass and spirulina, kamut and barley are abundant with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein – and life force! When you eat these foods, you tap into the plant’s vital life energy.


  • Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy. Do you know the old John Denver song? We’re not so different from plants, benefitting from our own type of “photosynthesis” – as we enjoy the sun’s benefits of Vitamin D, we also increase oxygen content in our blood, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, kill bacteria and cleanse the blood, and build our immune system. And like the John Denver song says, “Sunshine on my shoulders always makes me high.”


  • Relaxation and joy are essential for good health. If you can’t relax and enjoy life during a fast, you will stress your adrenal system further and damage your health. A fast is an opportunity to take time to sniff the flowers. After all, the wisest of sages in all religions have done it for centuries, and not because dogma dictated it. Bringing conscious awareness to your physical body is a spiritual experience, and that spiritual experience is one that brings you full circle into peace and joy.


  • Some call it prana, others call it chi – your personal life force energy is built upon a foundation of good physical, mental and spiritual health. Often we think it is diminished or buried inside, when in fact it is vibrant and alive and ready to be tapped. Sometimes our only requirement for awaking our life force to its highest potential is our intention to do so. We are all vibrant beings capable of not only surviving a fast or any other physical or emotional stress, but thriving in spite of it.


– Dana