Perfect vibration is like a melody, embracing you in resonant harmony. It feeds your soul, swirling about the tangled parts of you, weaving a tapestry of energy that awakens and expands who you are.

What vibration truly is is a new quantum understanding of magnetoelectric energy fields in the human body, in plants and animals, rocks and water, and in all organic things in nature. Human beings are not merely their physical body, which is a Newtonian understanding, but include a radiant source of etheric energy that surrounds them (in the Yogic tradition, this energy would be defined within a system of “chakras.”) While the physical body – the cells, the bones, the tissues, and the organ systems – all exist in positive (heat-generating) space and time, the etheric body exists in negative (absorbing and expanding) space and time. It is like yin and yang; both positive and negative sides complement one another and are effected by one another.

What we understand about vibrational energy is that it is controlled by the mind. Similar to the electronic communication of the body’s hormonal system, our thoughts influence our etheric body’s vibration. Ions are the only molecules that can penetrate the etheric body. And this is where we bridge the gap. Ions are molecules that have either a positive or negative charge; they are either missing a charge or have extra. While negative ions clean air and create a positive mood, positive ions (think electromagnetic energy – or EMFs – from computer screens), can impact everything from mood disorders to physical disease. Why is that? Negative ions are critical to cellular health. An abundance of negative ions around a cell help balance, nourish, and detoxify that cell. An abundance of positive ions has the opposite effect. Negative ions exist everywhere in nature, from ocean swells to lighting storms to fresh gusts of air. And they are paramount to our good health.

Because our etheric vibration, or magnetoelectric energy field, is negative in space, time, and structure, it resonates with negative ions, which are life giving.

A low vibration is almost stagnant. A high vibration moves at the speed of light. All things organic in nature are comprised of matter – that which exists and takes up space in the world. Atoms and molecules you can’t see with the naked eye. The lower the vibration, the denser the mass. Rocks have a low vibration. Air, with its high vibration, has a lower mass – about 1.19g compared to the 2.7g of the average rock. Do you believe that air exists just because you can’t see it? Watch it vibrate. 🙂

Your personal vibration exists in nature just as air exists. And it is effected by positive and negative ions. But it is at its optimum state when surrounded and influenced that which is of the highest vibration, which includes the resonant negative ions in nature, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the thoughts we have. So why is it that human beings can feel so heavy at times? Take a look at your surroundings. Locked in an office cubicle, the absence of fresh air (and negative ions) begins to deeply affect the mood, because it affects our cells. The fresh, living greens we may choose to eat provide us with negative ions for our cells, while the cooked burger provides heavy, positive ions which, in excess, can harm our cells. But where else can we receive positive energy? Our thoughts.

Thoughts are the life-force of the human being. Resonating with life-supporting, nourishing and detoxifying negative ions, our thoughts are the cornerstone of good health. But it isn’t just your thoughts – it is the thoughts of others. Thoughts you read on paper, hear from television, thoughts that come at you from the Internet, thoughts that cause a real vibration to reflect back on yours. Wow. Can people really do that?

In physics, matter attracts. Put two organic objects together and their energy fields will naturally reach toward each other. But what happens if they’re incompatible? What happens if they clash? I suppose that depends on the heath of each object – or person.

For vibration to be life giving, nurturing, and encompassing of all your needs for vitality, it must be as high as possible. Our environments and our thoughts are the most important aspects of a healthy vibration. We can control what we eat, how we move our bodies (how we jiggle our cells!), what we think, and how we respond to people. Everyone knows what a negative thought is; it is one that is not life-giving; it leaves you feeling a lack of vitality. That’s your vibration – in a bottle.

Our new quantum understanding of personal vibration is powerful and empowering to the human soul, for it teaches an expansion of consciousness that enables a person freedom to move within a physical, mental and spiritual space. Simply stated: your vibration is what you want it to be. It is your intention. Your perfect vibration is your own song sung for an audience of angels, harmonic and resonant with the lifestyle and environment of your choosing. Your vibration is who you CHOOSE to be.