Meet the Simple Creative Life Team



A majority of our clients are working artists who continuously push themselves to achieve levels of creativity that outshine their past work. They are innovators, rebels, outcasts, anxious and afraid, depressed and dark, brilliant, focused, riding highs and lows, relaxing in between, and in almost constant need of validation for their existence in this world.

Simple Creative Life is three coaches who are musicians, artists and highly sensitive people. Combined they have over 75 years of experience as working artists, leading and inspiring others, and thriving as exceptionally sensitive people in a challenging world.

We have learned through intuition, experience and education how to help others like us. 

We want to give back generously to the music and arts community by sharing our expertise in what it takes for an intense and truly gifted artist today to express your unique creativity as loudly as possibly while ensuring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health that far surpasses any standard that our society has set for us.

spiritual wisdom for artistsDana 

is SCL’s personal performance coach. She is an extraordinarily sensitive, intuitive, intellectually gifted, highly introverted musician and fine artist with more interesting life experiences and perspectives than she could possibly tell you about. That’s why she writes songs. She is a shaman, animal communicator, energy Jedi, yogi, former corporate performance manager (her dark past), and has a dozen or more professional certifications in movement & alignment and nutrition, though it is her heart that qualifies her the most.


directs the organizational structure of SCL. He is a surfer, musician, sculptor and photographer. He has a masters degree in wildlife biology and has published a book on environmental policy in Australia.


is central to the creative design, flow and vitality of SCL’s programs. He is an intense and sensitive musician, camper, shaman, dog lover and friend.


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