Sound is the movement of energy within you that pulses in wave-like motions

Master Your Mind, Embrace Your Creativity. 

Awareness & understanding of your unique self gives you  permission & courage.

Know that you are free. You can shape your best body yet.

LIVE your maximum potential.

Study techniques to transform your body into a pinnacle of health,

exactly as nature intended for your unique self.

Welcome to our practice.

Through creative movement, empowered nutrition, corrective exercise and daily habits, you will learn a mindful approach to understanding how to shape your body and mind into something spectacular that was meant to be dynamic and playful in this lifetime.

The sound of the heart is the way in which we know our divine selves

Nutrition Coaching

This is holistic nutrition coaching for everyone. Learn how to take care of yourself and meet your goals, whether they be to lose or gain weight, balance hormones, eat your veggies, learn to prepare a decent meal, or improve your mood and energy level.

We’ve gone deep within the science of nutrition so you don’t have to. Learn to enjoy the simple pleasure of healthy food, without today’s dogma, and receive compassionate and empowered support with resources and training backed by two of the most successful nutrition programs in the world. Featuring Precision Nutrition online coaching.


Corrective Exercise & Bodywork

Movement patterns help a person navigate the world around them. Take time to enjoy your body. The body needs to move freely, without pain, and in an aligned pattern.

Our corrective exercise programs are designed to give you back your life. Featuring world-class certified corrective exercise programs, bodyweight strength training, primal movement patterns, yoga, and mindfulness-based habits.

Infinite Performance Coaching

We help you develop an exceptional level of personal performance within your own, unique human experience. Everything you need to know is already inside of you. But we give you more. Our highly personal, individualized, confidential coaching is for intense, sensitive, intelligent and creative individuals who have achieved a level of personal success in life.

We specialize in helping gifted artists claim their unique expression while learning to maintain balance under industry pressure.


Dana is a provocative lyricist, invoking a superb creative style in her collaboration with songwriters of all genres. She allows space within her work with her clients that brings heat, tension, grit, flight, and her big fucking heart. Her artistry spoke to my heart, and I want to tell you that she is worth every moment you spend with her.

Dana is such a sweet and funny person, which is why we’ve been friends for over 25 years. I’ve always trusted whatever she is doing in life is honest, smart and real. She is also one of my favorite musicians and people.

Chris Cornell

I worked with Dana when I was going through a really tough time in my life. Making career decisions, navigating the industry, keeping the family intact, and working through some troubling circumstances brought me to a point where millions of album sales and Grammy’s were a stain. I stayed committed to my path because of the deep conversations we had in confidence. She was never anything but honest with me, gentle and so loving.



Dana is a profound teacher who elevates the mind, body and spirit to bring harmony to the individual. She brings a quality of transparency and truth to every deep experience. She brings clarity and focus to the most complex situations and provides hope and deep understanding. I am deeply indebted to Dana for our work together and am recommending her highly.

R. Wilson

The most important commitment I had ever made to myself was my art. My music is my breath. I had to stop and think about the time I was not spending taking care of my mind and body. The Simple Creative Life programs generated ideas within myself that were never there before. Once I factored health into my artistic life, my creativity began to flow with greater generosity.



Many of us struggle maintaining discipline that allows us to create and perform on demand. Working with Dana was empowering because she believed in the power of my mind to seek and know the power of my own choices. Progress can be slow when you are working with other people, but Dana’s limitless approach is a refreshing change when understanding of the artist’s essential unique approach to life is bad ass.


Professional Musician

Articles & Art

Poem – Blackened

Your mind is a disaster A closet of living corpses A delectable assortment of profound statements Living and breathing in a stew of contentment Until they have blackened beyond taste 
Ahh how they long to breathe
 The persistent mutilation 
The false idols 

Poem – Truthbombs

Truthbombs Resting on fertile ground Why are we so afraid to shake our own terra firma When all hope resides in crime And precious little allows cracks to form
 Because all we do is mend that which makes itself open
 Raw form
The existence of the...

Depression: A Recipe for Artists

Can you feel that? I can. There is a sense of motion in the space that surrounds you. A timeless notion. A breeze unfelt. Can you see that? Patterns in your mind’s eye. Magical spaces. Flow states. You felt that come and go, didn’t you. The way it pulled you inside...

Poem – Chose Wrong

Push. Pull. Resist. The tug of the soul's persistent quest to belong to the Whole Answers. Self-Denied
 Crushed like distant hearts
 favoring the solace of bitter tonic, 
grey skies,
 and the way the mind spins its own illusions of golden fields 
I knew you were...

July 20, 2017

For Chester -   Dreams we live Channelled systems because of distortion Living in ecstasy Notions of promise Deliberate meanings Fuck you Crawling through a tunnel towards darkness Overtaken by rage Needs bought Chaos resumed Peaceful beginnings Teachings so...

May 18, 2017 – for Chris

Forgetting your hearts Returning to that which unravels Spiraling downward into the abyss We find that which is whole And wrong And damaged And yet free For life breaths into us that which we consume We breathe In Out Choking Wrong Sick Light Dark Pain Lack of...