Corrective Exercise is Aligned Movement for the Foundation of the Artist

Watch your habits, for they become your posture.

Watch your posture, for it creates your boundaries.

Watch your boundaries, for they restrict your growth.

Watch your restrictions, for they create immobility.

Watch your immobility, for it becomes your illness.

-Katy Bowman, M.S.

What is corrective exercise and why is it for me?

Artists Need Movement to Breathe…

Movement is pleasure. Aligned movement is spectacular. Breathe into the space. Become who you are in your neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs, tiny toes. Arms that embrace life. Be gone stiffness. Be part of your core. Express from a deeper part of you. Pull strength from your body and bring dynamic energy to your life. Dedicate yourself to a physical practice for creative purpose and significance.

You are not broken. And you’re not doing it wrong.


Corrective exercise is also known as restorative exercise or optimum alignment. It’s what artists need to fly again. 

Alignment is different than posture. Posture is how we think (or someone else thinks) our bodies should look. Posture is how we sit in a desk that was never made for artists to sit in all day, stunting our creativity. Alignment is about how our bodies WORK. When we work on alignment, we pick a position that improves performance, not looks. Correct alignment is how nature/God made you, which is different than how the majority of people look. And we like that.

Playful and aligned movement will keep you fit and healthy for the ages. You are not broken; you are in a continuous cycle of evolution, and we can help you restore and invigorate your body to its original strong and supple form.

corrective exercise for artists
corrective exercise for artists

Artists commonly suffer from alignment problems related to practice, performance, stress, depression and anxiety.


What Next?


Pick a program to start with. We recommend that you take our CHEK 4 Doctors Readiness Assessment to determine your readiness for exercise, but you can go with your intuition if you prefer. We’ve made this easy by designing corrective exercise templates for the common problems.

corrective exercise for artists

What You Will Receive

  • Get started with a Monthly Corrective Stretching and Exercise Video Subscription. Sign up and receive an email invitation to log in to your custom account where you can access your video instructions.

BONUS: Receive regular email tips packed with information, instructions and resources catered to artists that help you incorporate alignment practices into your lifestyle.

  • Stay Enrolled until your alignment has improved and you’re feeling great! Cancel when you’re ready, or request a new subscription.

Results and length of time to restore your body vary. You may contact at any time with questions.

For Sway Back

Required equipment: Swiss/fitness Ball and Bosu Balance Trainer (or wobble board or stack of pillows)

The S-Curve – Rounded Shoulders & Lower Back

Equipment Required: Swiss/fitness ball, gym cables or home resistance band

Rounded Shoulders

Equipment Required: Swiss/Fitness ball, gym cables or home resistance band

For Forward Head

Equipment Required: Swiss/fitness Ball, dumbells (any size comfortable), gym exercise cable or home resistance band

Sway Upright Instead of Back


Buy Now - $40

Straighten Your S


Buy Now - $40

Relax Your Shoulders


Buy Now - $40

Fix Your Tech Neck


Buy Now - $40