Know yourself. Reveal yourself. Be yourself.

Because You Are the Human Experience.

 A safe learning space for smart, intense artists whose work supports the dignity of the human person

We help artists to move and live with ease and strength so that

they can inspire and give more freely

In order for the divine soul to be human, one must do human things which make one divine

serviceYou are an Artist.

You may deal with depression, anxiety, heightened sensitivities and intensities, but you are okay.

Because you are a human being.

And being a human being Is. Enough.

We serve all artists – the successful, the neurotic, the broken, the shameful, the diseased, the willing, and the magnificent. We serve You.

It is not hard to believe in yourself. Not when you have tools.

Strength. Community. Creativity. Wisdom. Intuition. Love.

We can help with all of that. Come explore further…


Food captures the essence of vitality on a plate. It is the simplest yet most mis-understood part of being a human being. We’ve gone deep within the science of nutrition so you don’t have to. Learn to enjoy the simple pleasure of healthy food, without today’s bullshit. It’s just food. But it supports your life, and you need to learn to do better.


Corrective Exercise

Movement patterns help a person navigate the world around them. Take time to enjoy your body. The body needs to move freely, without pain, and in an aligned pattern. Our corrective exercise programs are designed to give you back your life.

Generous High Performance Coaching

We help you develop a high level of personal performance within your own, unique human experience. Discover your divine nature with which to empower yourself to your highest potential. Be diligent. Be discovered. Be of service to humanity. Because it is your divine role.


Dana is a provocative lyricist, invoking a superb creative style in her collaboration with songwriters of all genres. She allows space within her work with her clients that brings heat, tension, grit, flight, and her big fucking heart. Her artistry spoke to my heart, and I want to tell you that she is worth every moment you spend with her.

Dana is such a sweet and funny person, which is why we’ve been friends for over 25 years. I’ve always trusted whatever she is doing in life is honest, smart and real. She is also one of my favorite musicians and people.

Chris Cornell

I worked with Dana when I was going through a really tough time in my life. Making career decisions, navigating the industry, keeping the family intact, and working through some troubling circumstances brought me to a point where millions of album sales and Grammy’s were a stain. I stayed committed to my path because of the deep conversations we had in confidence. She was never anything but honest with me, gentle and so loving.



Dana is a profound teacher who elevates the mind, body and spirit to bring harmony to the individual. She brings a quality of transparency and truth to every deep experience. She brings clarity and focus to the most complex situations and provides hope and deep understanding. I am deeply indebted to Dana for our work together and am recommending her highly.

R. Wilson

The most important commitment I had ever made to myself was my art. My music is my breath. I had to stop and think about the time I was not spending taking care of my mind and body. The Simple Creative Life programs generated ideas within myself that were never there before. Once I factored health into my artistic life, my creativity began to flow with greater generosity.



Many of us struggle maintaining discipline that allows us to create and perform on demand. Working with Dana was empowering because she believed in the power of my mind to seek and know the power of my own choices. Progress can be slow when you are working with other people, but Dana’s limitless approach is a refreshing change when understanding of the artist’s essential unique approach to life is bad ass.


Professional Musician

Articles & Art

The Artist in Physical Pain

The creative process for the intense artist doesn’t allow for physical pain, digestion problems, cranky joints, headaches, or any other ailment that impedes the process that you’re invested in. Pain is well known as a part of the artist’s life. Repetitive motions...

Poem – Once Again

True to form She waits to believe True to form He waits to accept The truth lies in the unbound glory of life's failure to hold true That which seeks to hold us down Bound and beautiful Craving and forgetting All life breathing around them Until all is lost and found...

Poem – Slow Leak

Integrity A slow leak A prize fighter without a cause An endless twirling of meanings Without which we would all die
Shamed by our endless pursuit of causes worth fighting for Until rocks crumble and water bursts 
Through the dams of our despair 
And loss is a truth...

Poem – Footsteps in Flight

Precious things Words that consume us Following in footsteps Trailing behind us Until all words become like imprints in sand Focused on sound Details in tragic places Magnified by maudlin hopes Memories of time Lovely notes in rhyme Pictures worth thousands of words...

Nourishing Your Spiritual Life

When it comes to eating, everything on this earth is of divine purpose.  In the cycle of life, all food sources are chosen based on purposeful nourishment. Animals use physical and intuitive senses to choose available foods within a season that allow them to thrive to...

Vibration in a Bottle

Perfect vibration is like a melody, embracing you in resonant harmony. It feeds your soul, swirling about the tangled parts of you, weaving a tapestry of energy that awakens and expands who you are. What vibration truly is is a new quantum understanding of...