All words of wisdom written by Dana, for your reflection. 

spiritual wisdom for artists

Trust is the ultimate expression of love. To believe in oneself is the ultimate expression of faith, for belief in oneself is to know that your own inner wisdom is of Divine origin. Trusting in yourself involves loving not only yourself but your divine partner. The angels teach you to open your heart to receive divine love so that you may express yourself and your truth to others. To love as God loves means to love openly and purely and without hesitation, for only love is the true path to awakening.

The opportunity to express oneself in a manner that is truly transformative to oneself as well as others comes along only once you have allowed yourself to be free from judgement by removing yourself from your own chains. The limits you put on yourself can be broken by simply changing your perception of the truth. Your limits are just as much a part of your imagination as anything you wish to manifest. Go ahead – express yourself as truly Divine. And make it so.

Providing a solution to any problem is easy once you find a spiritual connection to its source. The challenge is opening yourself to healing, allowing deep penetration into your soul. The angels provide us with everything we need to see truth within us, but truth can be frightening for the ego to receive. Allow the angels to guide you and carry your fear. Open your heart and give your doubt to the angels in exchange for trust. You will never fail.

The idea that one has the power to alter the course of their life by merely intending to do so is an ancient truth, not a new age concept. To trust in a divine power such as the Universe and its patterns is to believe in a force that is not outside oneself but part of oneself.

Attention to detail is a way in which you follow your heart, not a way to distract yourself from your soul’s purpose. The beauty of life can be seen when you notice the simple details where you are not bogged down by the complexities of ego. The truth of your heart may often guide you in directions that may surprise you but will always lead you where you need to go. The angels speak to your heart, not your mind.

I see beauty in pain, for I see potential. It is only when the soil of our lives is overturned and enriched with decay that we can hope for the most joyous blossoming of our selves.

Understand that the universe is wholly connected and enlightened, and that you are part of that magnificent universe.

Trust is a difficult thing to understand, for it challenges your belief in not the divine but your heart’s own divine ability.

The joy of treating others with love, forgiveness, kindness and compassion is that your soul learns to overcome obstacles related to its own development.

Success is an experience found through a belief in things of the highest vibration and of the highest wisdom, belonging to God and Mother Earth, and perceived only with the perspective of one who has achieved an awakened consciousness.

The purpose of creativity is to open a divine channel to inspiration that leads to an outpouring of one’s own innate gifts of wisdom that can only be viewed through the eyes of pure light.

Protect your inner light from those who try to lead your outside of yourself. Yours is the only light worth believing in.

Possibility, in its greatest form, is always an eventual destiny.

Perseverance allows you to transport yourself beyond the confines of the ego and into a space where you can understand freedom as it pertains to creativity and intuition.

In your heart resounds a feeling of absolute truth that is ultimately the start of something pure and light and coming from Divine Source. It is within your heart that you find the words that speak to all beings with the wisdom of the universe.

Forgiveness is one true way to open your heart to receive Divine intuition. Without the openness of your heart in harmony with the angels, one cannot know the Universe’s abundance.

The belief that the angels have in you is profoundly inspirational, if only you reach your heart toward theirs with a spirit of love and devotion, for your angels are your Divine partners in life and are overwhelmingly in love with you.

Beauty lies within the scope of the mind; it is for the grace of God that we find it.

Believe in the mystery that surrounds you; for your desire is only one breath away from reality.

Beyond the scope of reason lies the truth of the soul.

Consider the possibility that your heart alone is the source of all that is true.

Forgiveness is absolutely essential to Divine understanding of trust.

Prepare yourself to rise above the mystery that is beyond your reach; it is closer than you think.

Prioritize the learning of the soul; it will free your to live your life with strength and purpose.

Recognize that time is only an essential component of living a structured life; yet time is merely a reflection of our thoughts as they face trusting who we are.

Several moments pass before one begins to realize the power of the fluid thought; it always trusts in that which is observed but not seen.

Stillness of the heart brings about change in transformative ways; listen to your own inner stillness, for its wisdom is beyond expansion.

Strength proceeds force when hope brings light from within.

Thoughts are but words manifested from the heart.

Tomorrow begins a promise that you shall receive all that is divinely cherished.

Trust is equal to faith in its capacity to hold on to that which is forever true.

Wisdom is something not to be found in the mind, but in the soul.

Wonder is the essence of all that is tremendous and good in one’s soul.

Wonderful is the light that shines beneath the surface of humanity, for it brings forth a truth that is imminent.

Remaining true to your soul and its purpose requires putting your trust in something that you cannot believe is true until it manifests. Remain open to wisdom from your angel partners; your faith must be given in order for hope to be received.

Protecting yourself from negative energy is the first step to allowing your heart to open willingly. The feminine energy of the heart thrives when it can express its vulnerability. Your heart is strong only when it can become part of the divine web of life without limitations and with trust that the angels will provide all the hope it needs.

The practice of creating from inspiration is a process of allowing your heart to guide you by allowing your divinity to express itself without limitation. #wisdom #angels

All great creativity starts with allowing energy to flow; allowing the release of control is more important than allowing inspiration in.

The big things we avoid the most are the things we are most capable of doing – because they are our soul’s work.
Call your soul work “impossible,” and you create boundaries of frustration.
Too often we redirect our soul’s frustrations toward that in life over which we truly have no control. We hyper-focus on small things. We attempt to build communities to support our frustration of trivial things, as if we’re fighting for a cause to change the world. All to avoid our impossible soul work, when in fact your soul work is the easiest thing you will ever do, because it’s the only thing your angels are pointing you to.

Focus on what frustrates you, vent it out often enough, and your neurological programming will continue to seek this familiar path until it seems you are drawing these types of experiences into your life. Consider: Is that true, or is it the only thing your brain has been trained to focus on?
The next time something in your life frustrates you, take a deep breath and move your energy above your crown chakra. Raising your vibration to allow you to shift your perception is as easy as that.
Remember that the human mind thinks in linear terms, but divine life works in cycles. Change doesn’t need to be a long, progressive journey. Let your angels teach you that.


It’s easier to go into battle with a fierce heart of integrity when you have intelligence, knowledge and wit at your back.
But the greatest leaders never arm themselves with anything other than the compassion to listen, the intelligence to comprehend and discern, and the creativity to expand their initial perception.


You think it’s hard, and so it is. You believe it’s impossible, and so it becomes. You say it’s challenging to switch out of the mindset that has you believing your own lies, and so you have created your own reality.